Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday's workout was #ashtanga #yoga

Glad I don't have to do that tomorrow because it sucked! Not only did it not help my sit particularly (I was more impatient than usual actually), but I felt stiffer after rather than the reverse.

I lost the wrist bind on my pashasana even before I'd stopped practicing regularly. Something got "off" and I never had any assistance to help me get it back. That'd have done it. But of course you have to go to a shala, pay the fees and play by the rules of the room for that. Lately I can't bind the left side at all. I've taken to twisting to the right first, which is the "wrong" side but is the easier of the two for me. Sometimes that helps me get the left but not today. Too stiff. And after a rest day!

You always feel better coming off a rest when it's HIIT but with yoga it could go either way. Tomorrow I'll do more cardio and focus my stretching / asana on the twisting.

Look I got 10 minutes of fitness in, lol.


  • Suryas & fundamentals (only 2 handstands)
  • Primary+
  • 2nd thru laghu vajrasana
  • Hanuman, front foot on wall & then leg bent (10/60)x2 I decided to stop at which point I thought there was a chance I'd do my drop backs & ticks
  • EPRK / Kapo wall walk (10/30/30) / Kapo B
  • Urdhva D to stand, 4 drop backs, 3 ticks
  • Viparita D?
  • Finishing to sirsasanas
Immediately followed by 30min sit & then 4min pranayama.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

I hate rest days


Word of the Day
Unfortunately rest days a necessary part of any real fitness regimen. If you push your body, you have to let it rest to recover, unless you're interested in breaking it down rather than making it stronger or merely keeping it "tuned". Unfortunately for me in my vacuum, a rest day usually means I don't bother to change out of my morning sweats or take a shower. 

And all of a sudden I've got Yoga Goals FFS. Normally I'd be planning a balls-out HIIT for Monday, one of Julia's routines. I'm best for something ridiculous when fresh off a recovery day. But I'll probably do pure yoga again with maybe just a jump rope warm-up.

They promised!

It's the start of week 2 in our revised slacker lifestyle of "sober much more often", at least as far as the tippling goes. Even if that's not enough for desired weight loss it's a very good thing, probably totally necessary. According to knowledgable PNW sources, I should be getting a job offer from between $240,000 and $280,000 any fucking minute now, lol. And with that kind of a salary you can make demands. More money = more respect, invariably, or at least more perks. I'll insist on a cap of 30 hours per week and 4 weeks paid vacation.

I should really work on some art, but since I don't need to do anything else, besides continuing to breathe, I can lie around in bed and read until the afternoon. What's the rush? Exactly. Grey skies. Cat's asleep. At least I did my morning sit & stuff.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday workout #HIIT #reps and #yoga

I had a different Julia workout planned for today, but after looking at old & new Viparita Dandasana pictures yesterday, and generally the yoga pix that are happening lately, I'm questioning whether even the moderate weights I use are making me too bulky. Maybe it's a good thing I couldn't afford a sturdy sandbag and the 25-pounders!

And omg just a tiny bit of yoga and I'm gettin' all crazy with it again. That shit never really goes away. It just goes dormant. Like, I watched two tick-tock videos this morning! But I didn't practice the Viparita today. It was the fourth consecutive workout day (I get a rest tomorrow) and I decided to do drop backs & ticks with minimal preparation. I put the bench close by, just in case I wanted to walk my backbend over to it on the last landing and get my feet up on there, but nope.

Warmup: (10/30x6=4min) jump rope

50 Minute No Weight Legs and Booty

HIIT 50:10 2x 6 mins  +8lb vest. Did this set w/ the video.
1. Front kick to back kick
2. Lunge front leg hop to back leg butt kick
3. Lunge hold front leg lateral hop

COMBO MOVE PYRAMID 1-5 reps no vest, 13" elevation. Time = 9:09
1. RL Bulgarian + hop + + SL pushup and glute raise
2. LL  Bulgairan + hop + Sl push-up
3. Jack push-up Burpee bunny hop
4. RL curtsy Lunge to lateral rocket step up
5. LL curtsy Lunge to lateral rocket step up

HIIT pair pyramids 20:10, 30:10,40:10, 50:10,50:10,40:10,30:10,20:10 6 minutes per pair Back to video @16:15

Pair 1:
1 3 Switch lunges to pistol
2 Hitch kick SL burpee

Pair 2:
1. Pendulum push-ups to t-stand leg lift
2. Broad jump bunny hop back

Pair 3:
1. Lateral Lunge hops switch and kick
2. In and out squat jumps


Set 1 2x Banded +8lb vest
1 20 Squat jumps
2 20 Bridge holds

Set 2 ankle weights 5lbs each leg 3x
1 Elv hands and knees straight leg lift 15/leg
2 Decline plank donkey kick 10/leg

Set 3: +8lb vest This set was REALLY hard!!!
1. Touch downs 15, 12, 8 reps
2. Lunge back rocket up 15, 12, 8 reps


  • Virasana / supta v / malasana / uttana - all single intervals of 10/60

(15/30) 9min

  1. ardha matseyen
  2. other side
  3. bhujangasana
  4. updog
  5. downdog
  6. shalabhasana A
  7. shalabhasana B
  8. ½ bheka
  9. other side
  10. bhekasana I can't really get into this pose at ALL unassisted, never mind hold it for 30sec. 
  11. ustrasana @ wall
  12. urdhva d @ wall
  • urdhva d to standing & 3 drop backs, 3 ticks
  • finishing to sirsasanas

Friday, April 21, 2017

Did an all #yoga #workout #ashtanga

Filmed a few bits again. Will take a look later.

These stats are not entirely accurate

On another note, my Polar monitor appears to be dying. The batteries are fairly new & it shorted out for a good long while. Not sure how long it was off. Normally if it loses a connection (and the only place it does that if I'm on the wooden rack doing a back bend) it'l pick it up again immediately if I just press the relevant part into my rib cage a little. Not today!

I can also assure you my heart-rate didn't rocket up to 229 at any point! LOL

  • Suryas & fundamentals Only 2 handstands. I also took the hanuman out of the prasaritas b/c I decided to do it later on in the practice.
  • Primary+ (50:30) Did my 1 handstand on the Navasana exit but it was sort of a slow-mo press (impressive 4 strength anyway) & I missed total, full balance by 5-10 degrees. Would've been cool to see but wasn't filming here.
  • 2nd thru laghu vajrasana
  • Hanuman, upright & then backbend with strap, front foot braced on wall
  • Kapo wall & B
  • Viparita d 5 stages, 30sec each
  • Urdhva D to stand, 3 drop backs. And I did my 3 ticks again!!! Yesterday it took like 3-4 tries each one to stick the balance. Today was much better. First trip round 1 and 2. Two tries round 3. I keep thinking I should do 4 and practice putting my feet on the bench before I come up from the last....
  • Finishing to sirsasanas. Then I rolled my mat right up & got ready to do my 30min sit & 4min of pranayama. Always need a savasana after that anyway.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thurs workout, kind of crappy but the discipline is what counts

111 average, so you know it was tedious! Heart rate dropped back to resting immediately once the light HIIT was over. 

HIIT warmup

28:50min - with the video. I used super light weights. This was just a warmup set. Skipped the cool down & went straight to yoga (after taking off sneaks & rearranging the space.) 


  1. Suryas & fundamentals Took the 5 handstands out of the suryas & just did the 2 (at the wall) at the end of the fundamentals. My shoulders were a bit sore from yesterday & I decided it was more important to do the 3, free standing handstands - in the middle of the room - for "ticks". Seriously I burn hardly anything during a low energy yoga if I don't do the ticks!
  2. Marichy C and D
  3. 2nd to Laghu Vajra, very fast & tight EPRK
  4. Viparita D @ wall Tried putting my feet on the wall as per a friend's suggestion, but I was a bit too far away to get a really good stretch as u can see below. It'd be better to go in a bit short & see if I could scoot if necessary.
  5. Kapo wall stretch Feels EXCELLENT in my shoulders & upper back.
  6. Kapo B  I need to working on getting my arms much straighter! I don't try to walk in closer & grab my feet or anything. Just trying to clear out that stuck spot.
  7. Udrva D, 3 drop backs, 3 ticks
  8. Finishing to sirsasanas, 1min savasana

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday workout: old school, jump rope #HIIT and #yoga

BodyRock - Full Body 60 Min HIIT
(15/50 - two 22min sets w/ 2min break in between 49:40min)
Jumprope before every #d move

Workout starts like 15min into the video, lol. In the video she sometimes doesn't jumprope between two-sided leg moves, but I put it before everything.

  1. Clean & press, squat & press 40lbs Touching bum to 13" elevation on the squat.
  2. Narrow squat & step out to alt sides squat 40lbs
  3. Overhead abs 15lbs Weight comes overhead w/ straight arms. Sit up & v slight arch in C-sit, tuck knees in
  4. Bicep curl up, shoulder press, hammer down 30lbs
  5. Tuck jump burpee
  6. OH arms, lunge back & kick RL 30lbs Amazing work for the shoulder stabilizers, concentration & balance here!
  7. other side
  8. Jackknife 15lbs Arms & legs out @ the same time. Feet come up & then press weight up toward feet.
  9. Competition burpee w/ wide tuck jump
  10. Side lunge & knee lift 40lbs
  11. other side
2min break
  1. Up & over abs C-sit, feet together. Bring them up & over something (bench?) pivoting on butt.
  2. 1 Front raise / 1 Lateral raise, alt 20lbs
  3. Butt kick burpees (pushup & kick butt at bottom & at top
  4. Wide leg squats 40lbs
  5. Bicycle keeping feet off floor, touching alt foot
  6. Pull-ups
  7. 1 push-up / 10 mtn climbers
  8. Squat & press 40lbs
  9. Wood chops 20lbs
  10. other side
  11. Reclined tricep 20lbs 
Didn't get to the abs burnout (which I'd made 14min long) b/c I switched to yoga & then was fully cooked after.


Wall Interval3
10sec to get in; 40sec 1st hold & 40sec 2nd hold 
  1. Standing arch - hips to wall, hands on hips & then arms extended
  2. Uttanasana
  3. Anjenayasana - arms straight overhead & then backbend
  4. other side
  5. Hanumasana - upright, legs both straight & then bend back leg (strapped foot, walking hands down strap to where comfortable).
  6. other side
  7. Ustrasana - hips to wall
  8. Kapo prep - wall press
  9. Urdhva D @ wall
3 drop backs I forgot to do the urdhva d to stand first! On the first drop I'm like, What feels different?

Finishing to sirsasanas

Monday, April 17, 2017

Recovery workout (warmup #HIIT and #yoga) & ritual magick

Well, my legs are still really sore from Saturday's workout "with" Julia! Took a rest from formal exercise yesterday. We drove up to the Clackamas river to collect some rocks (for my magic circle in the backyard) and some driftwood (for Charlie's sculpture). There was some work collecting (and particularly) unloading & carrying the rocks. I made a silly video compilation, despite not really knowing what I'm doing even just in iMovie.

Here's my driftwood incense holder. I found a piece exactly the right size. All C hadda do was drill a hole.

Should I varnish it or not?
I was going to do one of BodyRock Lisa's recent live workouts, but then I decided I didn't want to do squats with weights at ALL today & wrote a quick jumprope & abs set, which I will make a point of NOT pushing myself during. It's a warmup! On the strength front, if anything, I'll carry another heavy stone from the deck to the area where its friends are congregating! I have to mark north, south, east & west & get the circumference of my circle set up before I start placing them.

As for today's workout, at least I broke 400! It's fine because I've been eating a little lighter and the beer gap will be Sunday through Tuesday. Go me!

30min HIIT

(15/50 with jumprope before every #d move) for a 32:30min set
  1. Decline push-ups (19.5" elevation)
  2. Scissor Leg Lifts V-ups to alt, straight scissor legs
  3. Dive Bombers
  4. Decline plank, all knee in & then to opp arm
  5. Supermans
  6. Dips
  7. Reverse Curls, 3lbs
  8. Side plank, inner thigh lift (13" elevation)
  9. Other side
  10. Temple tap abs
  11. V-ups, 3lbs bet feet
  12. Other side
  13. Pike abs, feet on sliders 
  14. Overhead abs w/ knee tuck, 10lbs in hands
  15. Russian twists, 15lbs


  1. virasana
  2. supta vira
  3. malasana
  4. paschimo
  5. block A
  6. hanuman upright, side 1
  7. backbend w/ strap
  8. upavistha k
  9. hanuman upright, side 2
  10. backbend w/ strap
  11. ardha matseyendra
  12. other side
  13. anjenayasana upright, side 1
  14. backbend 
  15. anjenayasana upright, side 2
  16. backbend 
  17. ustrasana @ wall
  18. kapo prep 1 @ wall
  19. kapo hang
  20. standing arch A
  21. forward bend
  22. standing arch B
  23. forward bend
  24. standing arch C
  25. uttanasana
  26. standing arch C
  27. seated, moving twist
  28. standing arch D
  29. uttanasana
  30. standing arch D
  31. seated, moving twist
  • Urdhva D to stand, 3 drop backs
  • Vipartita D practice (3:10min)
  1. sirsasana
  2. stay in sirsasana
  3. backbend w/ straight legs
  4. backbend w/ bent legs
  5. drop feet to floor, walk toes to wall & stay
  6. walk feet closer to shoulders & push through, practice rocking This is the part pictured to the left I used to be able to walk my feet REALLY close to my hands when practicing advanced, and this pose, regularly.

  • Finishing to uttana padasana, parighasana, savasana