Monday, March 27, 2017

Shitty workout today, but I still did it

I was liking Lisa's BodyRock lives for awhile but I was disappointed in this one... Probably it was me. I've been aimless and disenchanted the last few days. Plus sore.

Lately I've become convinced that, at age 50, I now require a regular protein shake & BCAA recovery drink, post workout. I get so sore, and I end up having to take more rest days than I'd like.

(10/30x6=4min) jump rope

Based on 100 Day Challenge #78 - Legs & Ab Challenge

(15/50) 34:30min set w/ 8lb vest
Swings / skipping Lisa’s using 36lbs & I’ve got a 35lb kettlebell! I’m actually comparable! BUT a ton of swings does tax my lower back which was already tight. Like I do when doing a long set from a list, I added 5-sec to the rest / transition time and then I split the long set up into two. To keep similar moves together at the end of my set 1, I added one jump rope  & one swing interval to set 2.

  1. Swings 35lb kettlebell
  2. SL overhead press, 20lbs, same knee lifting  as arm pressing
  3. Swings
  4. SL overhead press
  5. Jump Rope
  6. Back lunge & side kick, 40lbs (on same shoulder as leg kicking & holding 20lbs at side)
  7. Swings
  8. Back lunge & side kick
  9. Curtsy & knee lift, 30lbs
  10. Same leg, lunge straight back & come up & high kick to the front Challenged myself to hold the 30lbs thru the 3 moves for each leg b/c I probably should've been holding 40
  11. Same leg, back lunge & side kick
  12. Jump Rope
  13. Curtsy & knee lift
  14. lunge straight back & come up &  high kick knee
  15. back lunge & side kick

2min rest

  1. Swings
  2. Wide squats 40lbs
  3. Wide squats again, 4 full range & 4 pulses low
  4. Jump Rope
  5. Front & side lifts (arms) 20lbs
  6. Wide squats, lift alt heel, don’t come all the way up bet sides
  7. Wide squats, pulse for 4 w/ one heel up, alt
  8. Arms in T shape press up & back down, bring elbows forward & back out 20lbs
  9. Biceps, up, out (rotate out & extend a bit), together, down 30lbs
  10. 4 Pulses: T-arms up, elbows together, biceps to half way, extend out 20lbs
  11. SL deadlift, 30lbs
  12. Reg deadlift, both legs 40lbs
  13. SL deadlift, other side
  14. Reg deadlift, 2 full range & 4 pulses low
  15. Swings
Abs 16min

Lisa does two moves using her challenger bars, one set of reps and one static hold for as long as she can. I was going to do a version of this, but then another thing came to me during my morning sit (meditation). 

(10/50) with 5lb (ea leg) ankle weights 16min

  1. Lying leg lift, RL
  2. Knee in & press back @ angle
  3. Inner thigh
  4. Crunches
  5. Reverse curl
  6. Lying leg lift, LL
  7. Knee in & press back @ angle
  8. Inner thigh
  9. Donkey kick RL
  10. Straight lift to the back
  11. Inner thigh
  12. Crunches
  13. Rev Curl
  14. Donkey kick LL
  15. Straight leg lift
  16. Inner thigh
15/30 = 18:00

  1. Marichy A
  2. other side
  3. Anjenay upright RL
  4. Anjenay backbend
  5. Anjenay upright LL
  6. Anjenay backbend
  7. Ardha matseyen
  8. other side
  9. Ustrasana @ wall
  10. Hanuman RL
  11. Hanuman backbend
  12. Upavistha kona
  13. Baddha kona A
  14. Baddha kona B
  15. Hanuman LL
  16. Hanuman backbend
  17. Kapo wall press
  18. Kapo B
  19. Virasana
  20. Supta virasana
  21. Block A
  22. Block B
  23. Urdhva D, lower head to floor at beep
  24. Urdhva D, walk in one step
Urdhva D to stand, 3 Drop backs & finishing to my 5-part sirsasana

Saturday, March 25, 2017

#abs circuit with #tabata & #ashtanga #yoga

Did a shorter circuit style workout today so that I could focus more on the yoga and stretching. Felt fantastic. And the sun's out! The forecast had definitely not promised such.

I got it done earlier than usual. Just picked out a routine during the morning's caffeination & didn't take the time to preview. Had other things I wanted to get done.

Angelica's Ab Annihilator

Warm-Up (I did my 4min of 10/30 skip intervals before the video warmup)

Circuit 1- 30:10; 40:10; 50:10; 60:10
1. B- Superman
2. P- Push-up, Fast Knee tuck, Switch
3. W-1/2 Turkish Get-ups L
4. C- 1,2,3, Ab Burpees

Circuit 2- 30:10; 40:10; 50:10; 60:10
1. B- Swimmers
2. P- Plank Elbow, Shoulder, Knee and Toe-touches
3. W- 1/2 Turkish Get-ups R
4. C- 1-leg Burpee to Lateral Tuck (alt)

Circuit 3- 30:10; 40:10; 50:10; 60:10
1. B- Back Bows
2. P- Forearm Knee Tucks
3. W- Weighted Froggy Presses
4. C-Twist High Knees

Circuit 4- 30:10; 40:10; 50:10; 60:10
1. B- 1-sided Superman Knee Tuck (L)
2. P- Plank Toe Taps
3. W- Weighted Through the Window Situps + Twist
4. C- Inside Feet

Circuit 5- 30:10; 40:10; 50:10; 60:10
1. B- 1-Sided Superman Knee Tuck (R)
2. P- 1-leg Push-Up Reptile Tuck (alt.)
3. Leg Lowers with OH Arms and Crunch with OH Arms (wtd)
4. Break Dance/Air Lunge Burpees

Standing Abs Tabata Pairs (20:10 x 8)

1. Back Lunge Upper Body Rainbow (L)
2. Back Lunge Upper Body Rainbow (R)

1. Knee Pulls (L)
2. Wood Chop (L)

1. Knee Pulls (R)
2. Wood Chop (R)

Skipped the cool down.


1 hour
  • Suryas & fundamentals (about 27min)
  • Back bending intervals, (15/30=17:15) Meant to put an Ustrasana in there but forgot. Didn't need it anyway. The important thing to do was some good back bending to get up inside the tight spots in the interior rib cage & also do some dropbacks, because it'd been a little while.
  1. Hanuman 1 side
  2. with backbend
  3. Upavistha kona
  4. Hanuman other side
  5. with backbend
  6. Standing arch A
  7. Forward bend
  8. Standing arch B
  9. Forward bend
  10. Standing arch C
  11. Uttana
  12. Standing arch C
  13. Seated, moving twist
  14. Standing arch D
  15. Uttana
  16. Standing arch D
  17. Seated, moving twist
  18. Urdhva D, 1
  19. rest
  20. Urdhva D, 2
  21. rest
  22. Urdhva D, 3
  23. rest
  • Urdhva D to stand, 3 drop backs
  • Finishing to uttana padasana

Friday, March 24, 2017

Today's #workout, #HIIT #reps & #yoga

Had a rest day yesterday.

HIIT Grind Workout #2

Warm up (10/30x6= 4min) jump rope

Starter: 13" elevation Time = 9min
10 box jumps
10 push-ups wide elbows
10 burpee box jumps

10 plank rows per arm 20lbs
10 push-ups tricep
10 manmakers 40lbs OMG these man-makers!! Since the finisher is a repeat of this set, I immediately made the decision to do it in reverse. Get these over with first, in other words.

SET 1 HIIT : 30:10 4x 8 mins, 13" elevation @10:45 With the video on the HIIT & I'm glad. It seemed like the moves would be confusing but along with, they weren't, and it was SO MUCH FUN!
1. Sumo squat hold hammer curl + jump to Lunge hold wide bi curl 30lbs stay on 1 leg per round
2. Goblet hold Rev Lunge + kick/ rev Lunge to surfer (switch legs each round) 20lbs
3. Staggered froggy push-up to frog hop sumo hold bi curl (switch stagger each round) 20lbs Accidentally picked up the 15lb the 1st round thru on each arm. Way too light! That was nice. Granted I'm wasn't wearing a vest. Too many push-ups!

SET 2 HIIT: 50:10 2x 8 mins
1. Oblique burpee to lat box jump
2. Fwd Lunge + hop to rocket step up, lunge back & step back
3. Curtsy lunges DL plank hop push-up 40lbs
4. Switch foot swings 15lbs

SET 3 HIIT: 30:10 4x 8 mins
1 OH bulgarian 30lbs
2 Frog push-up to bear hold fire hydrant
3 Donkey kicks up and over (1/2 cartwheel move) Super fun!!!

Emom 5 mins **remaining time do bench toe taps**
8 Jack push-ups
8 wide mtn climbers 1=1
8 oh switch lunges 20lbs

HIIT Core burnout 50:10 2x 8 mins 5lbs in each ankle weight! Wasn't sure I could do it but yes.
1. Bench leg drops
2. Bicycles
3. Back extensions on bench
4. Glute extensions on bench

Finisher: repeat Starter Done in reverse order! Evil manmakers first. Time = 8:30

(Total time = 1hr:17min)


  • About 15min freestyle

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Today's workout #reps #pyramid #tabata #HIIT and yoga

Oh man, I didn't know how sore my legs were until I started and let's just say that I am not squatting tomorrow! Not. If anything I'll do a light, bodyweight HIIT to warm up & a yoga-focused thing. Or maybe I'll just get outside to draw and paint somewhere.

Probably needed some more stretching today but I got a late start & I need to chop-chop and get my ass in the shower so I can help get ready for jam night.

Warm up: (10/30x6=4min jump rope intervals) 

Pyramid Combos 10-1 before moving on Alternate moves 2 & 3 between every round for grip strength Time = 33:04
  1. Romanian deadlift 40lbs :: Deep Goblet Sumo Squats 20lbs about 7:30
  2. R Windmill 10lbs weight overhead to an almost triangle pose reach. Foot is turned out. Try to get hand down to sneaker:: R Discus 15lbs
  3. L Windmill :: L Discus
  4. Squat 40lbs :: Box Jumps
Tabata Pairs: x6 (13:40 - 30sec rests in bet sets)
  1. Weighted Skater rows 30lbs row w/ opposite arm from leg that's forward / Plank Rows
  2. SL Weighted Hip Thrust 30lbs
  3. Back Extensions / Ankle weighted Glute Extension ankle weights, on bench
  4. Sumo DL 40lbs /  Bent over Wide Row 30lbs

50:20:10 - KB SWINGS BETWEEN 35lb kettlebell @46:29 Here on w/ video.
  1. Box Jumps
  2. Decline burpee w/ star jump
  3. Switch lunge weight pass through 15lbs
  4. Switch Feet x3 holding weight like goblet + Rev Grip Row opp arm from forward leg 20lbs
  5. R SA Clean & Press, Squat & Press 20lbs
  6. L SA Clean & Press, Squat & Press
  7. Ski Swing 2x to Ski hold Hammer Curl 20lbs

Abs & Back Tabata Pairs - 20:10 x 6
  1. Scorpion Hip Dips / Alt Superman Rows 30lbs
  2. Pullover 30lbs legs squeezing upward in bridge /  Russian Ball Twist 15lbs
(Total Time = 1:14)


About 15min

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Today's workout #HIIT #Amrap #pyramid and #yoga

A bit lower intensity today but that was good! I keep wanting to do more yoga but then it's too cold & so.... But whatever. 

1. Walk out pushup
2. Runners lunge
3. Switch foot mtn climbers
4. Jumping jacks
5. Rev lunge knee pull
6. Butt kickers 

HIIT 50:10 2x 10 minutes 19.5" elevation
1. high knees toe taps goblet hold 20lbs Dumbbells @ side, one in ea hand. Oy this was hard using a taller elevation!!! (I'm 5'2")
2. alternating dragon lunge burpee 40lbs
3. pistol +hitch kick 
4. plank pendulum legs move straight leg out to the side & forward & do a push-up at the same time then hop to change sides + push-up (2)+ 1 frogger
5. wide leg DL 40lbs

AMRAP 5 minutes 13" elevation +8lb vest
Score: pretty sure I got in 2 full rounds and half of 3rd to the first completed squat jump / sumo
5 step up rev lunge switch 30lbs
5 touch down squat jump to sumo DL 40lbs

Pyramid "1-5 reps each part of each move then 5-1 each move" Time = 27:18
no vest

  1. Power lateral step up to oblique burpee (both sides) 19.5" elevation RL 1st round
  2. Arnold press+front load good morning 30lbs holding weights at chest for good morning
  3. Tricep push-up burpee tricep push-up, plank hop, jump squat
  4. T-stand press and dip (both sides) 10lbs RA first round, press weight up & hip dip CHALLENGING to stay up there on the one hand, weight overhead, the whole time
  5. Y arm press and hold for squat 20lbs I paused my stopwatch & checked the video again to make sure I was doing this move as right as possible b/c it felt so damned awkward. Yep! LOL
  6. SL DL to Bulgarian SA Snatch (LL first, counting up, RL 2nd counting down) 30lbs
No rest tabata 20:10 12x, each move 4x (6:30)  I almost felt like I wanted to do each of these 8x, with a rest between each set. But of course if that were the written plan I'd probably be all "Eight fucking times???" lol

  1. divebomber push-up burpee: down dog shoulder taps 
  2. reverse curl 3lbs bet feet:alternating toe touch ab
  3. wide sumo hops + 3 pulses: plank frog hops
(Total Time 1:02:32)


  • Virasana, supta vira, paschimo, malasana, hanuman, krounchasana
  • Surya As with handstand shoulder taps, again. I filmed this again, just so I can look at it. I never want to post anything anymore b/c I don't like the way I look. It's one thing to have the balls to go grey b/c you can't deal with the whole thing & there's no reason to do it other than vanity, with a whole lot of outweighing "cons". There's also the added weight... It's true that my metabolism had slowed in NYC when I still had a much more active, regulated lifestyle. Now that I'm on The Hill I'm practically immobile when not exercising. At least I still do exercise though. And size 2 isn't so bad for a 50 year old, even one this short. I know all this. It's still hard to look at! 
  • Some finishing poses

Monday, March 20, 2017

Jump rope #HIIT and then some #ashtanga #yoga


Adapted from this Melissa Bender routine.
(10/50 with jump rope) Time = 41:30 Meant to set this up 15/50 like I normally do for longer sets where I'm checking the list every other move. But I forgot to change that interval & so went with it.

  1. Warrior Deadlift-Right 30lbs
  2. other side
  3. Side Tap Leg Lift-Right 20lbs This move would be better as just a wood chop IMO.
  4. Other side
  5. Swimmers, Rumi style, keeping legs & arms off the floor & pulling back w/ the arms
  6. Alternating Single Leg Pushups
  7. Tricep kick-backs w/ pulse (flipping hands toward ceiling) 20lbs
  8. Overhead Tricep 20lbs
  9. Rotating Pushup Jack 20lbs, hands on weight. Did this dif from video cause using weights
  10. Reverse Plank Leg Lift
1.5min break

  1. Pull-ups / Chin-ups No assistance band! I got in 6 overhand pull-ups and 3 chin-ups. It's a bit weird of a set-up in the downstairs room. With the bar I can reach, I can either have my hands a little more narrow than I'd like or way too wide. I have to remember my step stool so I can use the upper bar & maybe that'd be better for me.
  2. Knee in & switch lunge
  3. Runner’s Lunge Lift-Right
  4. Runner’s Lunge Lift-Left
  5. Squat & Squat Jump 40lbs, putting down the weights before the jump
  6. Crunch & Tap 3lbs bet feet
  7. Pike Abs on Sliders
  8. Alt Pistol Squats
  9. Swings 35lb kettlebell
  10. V-ups Abs 3lbs bet feet & 10lbs in hands


  • 1:23pm
  • Suryas (A-s with handstand shoulder tap)¹ and standing fundamentals
  • 10 breath urdhva d w/ wrists against wall
  • Finishing to sirsasana

¹ Filmed this to see what it'd look like. It was a little messy! I used a narrow strip of wall so I could back up enough with my iPhone camera. I was a bit too close to get the balance, the first two handstands especially. I need more space than you'd think, so I don't bump into the wall while catching the balance. The idea is to do this first and then put my feet on the wall, for the shoulder taps. The wall was a bit too narrow but I figured out how to sort of wrap my feet around the outer edges for stability. I'll upload & link that clip here later, maybe.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Body weight #pyramid w/ #yoga cooldown

Excellent! Pyramids going upwards are so hard psychologically, but when you're starting the 10th and longest round you feel invincible. The toughest move for me was the wall handstand w/ shoulder taps. You just can't rush balancing all your inverted weight on one hand and arm. Oddly, I seemed to get better at it as the rounds went on.

No Equipment Classic Pyramid

1-10 increasing reps pyramid 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 

No way I'd wear a weighted vest for this kind of workout, lol. I started taking about a minute breaks after round starting after 6. I took 2min between rounds 9 & 10 😆💪

1. Squat jump forward heel click and back+ heel click 
2. Oblique plank hops to jack push-up 
3. Rollback star jump 
4. Wall Handstand shoulder taps + 3 switch lunges 
5. SL hop to SL burpee and rocket up (1=1)
6. Bear hold donkey kicks and frog push-up 
7. 3 way V ups 
8. Pendulum Lunge hops I did these 1=1, meaning 1 forward lunge & hop & 1 backward lunge & hop on 1 leg counted for 1 rep. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be both sides. I only previewed the first round of one rep each so hopefully I got it right, but in any case the workout was hard enough!
9. Lateral (2x) bear crawl to kick-through (toward outside leg)
10. Pike push-up to angry donkey

(Time = 1:36)


  • 15min